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22nd September 2017
Compassionate Communication in Palliative Care

Psycho-Spiritual Aspects of Care and Compassionate Communication in Palliative Care

3 November 2017


University of Worcester


The WHO definition of palliative care includes assessment, treatment and support for psycho-social and spiritual aspects of patient and family care, from diagnosis to death across disease type. Delivering compassionate and holistic care is therefore a core remit of service provision, yet consensus about assessment, outcome measures and effective interventions are lacking.

This seminar will cover:

  • Address meanings of holism in the context of supportive and palliative care
  • To describe psycho-spiritual suffering and overview of the evidence for what helps
  • Offer practical ways to communicate with and support patients and families experiencing psycho-social-spiritual suffering
  • To offer pracucal tips enhancing clinicians confidence to rely on themselves as a vital clinical tool
  • To promote "active" self-care and self-compassion, which in turn enhances clinical empathy and compassionate communication.

It will be facilitated by Kate Binnie

Target audience: Health care professionals, care assistants and volunteers.

To book a place please contact Esther Dobson on 01905 542711 email: