The Palliative Care Research Society is dedicated to promoting research into all aspects of palliative care and to facilitating its dissemination. Membership of the society is open to any individual or organisation who is interested in furthering the society's aims.

Members are drawn from many different professions including medicine, nursing and social work. If you are interested in joining, please click here.

The object of the PCRS is to promote research into all aspects of palliative care and to facilitate its dissemination. This is a clear vision for PCRS activity which is increasingly important within the palliative care research context.

Amongst its objectives PCRS hopes to:

  • build research capacity through events focused on research methods, masterclasses and 'meet the experts'.
  • engage with academics and clinicans to strengthen links with academic departments and enable cliincal staff
  • to engage with research in palliative care.
  • work with professional organisations and interest groups in the role of an 'information broker' to promote educational activity and maintain the profile of palliative care research.