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The Palliative Care Research Society was set up to provide a forum for palliative care research and to enable researchers to learn from each other in order to promote high quality research.

The objective of Palliative Care Research Society

We promote research into all aspects of palliative care and to facilitate its dissemination. This is a clear vision for Palliative Care Research Society activity which is increasingly important within the palliative care research context.

Amongst its objectives, Palliative Care Research Society hopes to:

  • build research capacity through events focused on research methods, masterclasses and ‘meet the experts’.
  • engage with academics and clinicians to strengthen links with academic departments and enable clinical staff
  • to engage with research in palliative care.
  • work with professional organisations and interest groups in the role of an ‘information broker’ to promote educational activity and maintain the profile of palliative care research.

The Palliative Care Research Society offers a variety of opportunities for sharing and discussing research including:

Research workshops

These are run in collaboration with other organisations in different parts of the country. Examples of these workshops include: Writing for publication; Accessing research funding; Ethics in palliative care research; Paediatric palliative care research.

Conferences and workshops within conferences

We are committed to continuing to support high quality palliative care conferences where research can be shared and discussed – whether this be organising a conference in collaboration with others, such as the Palliative Care Congress, or working with individual organisations to support and strengthen their conference, providing workshops on research and supporting the strengthening of the research component of their conferences.

PhD/Masters workshops

We run workshops for PhD and Masters students to share their on going research, promote discussions, and review aspects of their studies where appropriate. Thus giving them the opportunity to discuss their work with a different group of individuals. These workshops have proved successful and a plan is in place for on going workshops of this kind.


We offer limited scholarships for members to apply for to attend different conferences/ meetings – these will be advertised on our website and through our newsletters.


Our newsletter brings information about different research studies that are either ongoing or completed, the opportunity to share your research ideas, to identify individuals/organisations for collaboration etc